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Litigation, Mediation & Uncontested Divorce

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Attorney Barbara E. McNamara helps clients get through the worst time in their lives. 

Attorney Barbara E. McNamara - 
A Certified Family Law Specialist 

I believe that going through a death of a loved one is the #1 most stressful event a person will experience in his or her lifetime. Divorce is ranked #2 in terms of life changing, stressful events. I have practiced exclusively family law for over 23 years, predominately in Orange County. I also take cases in Long Beach, which is Los Angeles County, but don't venture beyond those two courts at this point of my career. I have seen a lot of clients just like you, go through this process. However, unlike other attorneys, I help Clients solve their problem, without taking your college education fund from your children. Divorce does not have to cost thousands of dollars, but sometimes it gets out of control, either because one party chooses to "fight no matter what it costs," or the opposing counsel has promised them the moon, for a price. 

As a solo practitioner, throughout my legal career, I have litigated against the big law firms - and won, several times! I didn't like bullies on the playground, and I don't like them in the court room, either. My first goal is to determine if we can resolve your case in Mediation, or in settlement with the other side, without going to Court. 

My approach to your divorce is different. After we have assessed the case, I first attempt to reach an amicable agreement with the other party. If that does not work, then we litigate. Of course, the $64,000 question for custody cases, is this: "How much money do you want to spend, arguing over Monday through Thursday?" 

At the Law Office of Barbara McNamara, clients come first.  
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I have frequently been retained by parties to help them navigate their own divorce, in Mediation. This is really the best approach for everyone involved. I listen to the clients tell me the facts of the case, then I explain the law on each issue. Then I help the parties work toward an amicable resolution without ever stepping foot in the court room. 


Litigation & Uncontested Divorce

If Mediation is not a viable option, Clients have often retained me to represent them in their matter which is bound for litigation. Again, we first attempt to settle the case, instead of taking it to trial, to save the client time and money. Of course, we can take your case to the Judge, litigate so that you have "your day in court." Just know that litigation is time consuming, expensive, and stressful. Especially in this Covid-19 world, where the Court is closed from March 17 to May 22, and no evidentiary hearings are scheduled until after June 1, 2020! 


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Litigation, Mediation & Uncontested Divorce

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